KMO Consult distinguishes itself

For more than 10 years KMO Consult is a partner of international companies and SME’s in Europe. Our customers are active in various branches such as oil, chemicals, food, automation, IT, facility management, business services, etc.

Expertise KMO Consult is an expert in managementsystems. We have supported and trained many organizations and have implemented, throughout Europe, more than 500 management systems. Our deliveries vary from, (multi)certificates, manuals, training, implementation processes, baseline assessments, system assessments, audits, management reviews to software implementation, for the maintenance of complex systems.

Approach Our method implies a clear, appropriate and pragmatic approach. KMO Consult distinguishes itself by flexibility, short communication lines and strong customer focus. We deliver customized solutions, with respect to the process applied and organizational structure, for complex organizations an SME’s. Your need for knowledge, decisiveness, information and the amount of time are always taken into account.

Interested? Are you interested in one of our services or do you have any questions? Please contact us at 074-291 93 93, we can immediately tell you more. You can also use our contact form for your request or for more information.