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People Planet Profit

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) implies a balance between economical, social and environmental topics. Sustainable entrepreneurs have attention for People, Planet and Profit. This means notice of the (future) consequences of the processes on the employees and the environment.

Doing business in a sustainable way requires from organizations a contribution in solving social and environmental problems that are related to the activities of the organization. It presupposes that companies are willing to look beyond the borders set by laws and regulations.

Why CSR? Many environmental problems have been solved or managed in the past 30 years. However, on a global scale there are still big environmental issues. In order to resolve these, we need structural social change. Examples of CSR are green energy or sustainable agriculture. These changes are not possible without the commitment of governmental and social organizations, companies and consumers.

Sustainable development is of importance not only for the environment but also in fighting poverty. Poverty is in many countries the cause of increased crime rates, poor education, migration, pollution and high mortality rates. Entrepreneurs can fight poverty by providing good working conditions or giving employees the possibility on a dignified existence.

CSR in your organisation More and more companies are involved with CSR. It’s your responsibility to find a balance between People, Planet and Profit. Do not forget to consider the national and international impact of your activities and the consequences for future generations.

ISO 26000 is the directive for CSR. This directive can be accompanied by several standards such as SA 8000, OSHAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. The implementation of a management system gives you the possibilities of an effective implementation of CSR.

KMO Consult Over the last decade KMO Consult we have gained experience in implementing and integrating management systems. We know what it takes to deliver a practical and effective CSR and are willing to help you to implement it in your organization.

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