Environmental management – environment, employees and simplifying business


An environmental management system assures environmental care is embedded in your business and employees know what (not) to do. It also supports you to simplify business, as many partners require certification. Furthermore certification is important to many stakeholders in your business, f.e. banks, assurance brokers, unions and/or acquisition candidates, as they require information about (historical) environmental behavior, consumption figures and policies, to assess the environmental impact of your business.

Holding an ISO 14001 or equivalent certificate, you provide evidence to stakeholders of your environmental awareness and continual commitment to reduce the impact of your business. With some added information and documentation your organization can also apply for the European EMAS certificate.

Approach Our method implies a clear, appropriate and pragmatic approach. KMO Consult distinguishes itself by flexibility, short communication lines and strong customer focus. We deliver customized solutions, with respect to the process applied and organizational structure, for complex organizations an SME’s. Your need for knowledge, decisiveness, information and the amount of time are always taken into account.

KMO Consult supports you in a professional way in the design, implementation and maintenance of your environmental management system or EMAS certification.

Consultancy KMO consult has many years of experience with quality, environment and occupational health and safety and successfully delivered certificates throughout Europe.

We offer instant and personalized solutions to improve your environmental management system. We are familiar with the pitfalls and can help you with direct and practical solutions. Meeting your environmental targets with us as your reliable partner becomes more feasible.

• Prevention options? A review of the consumptions/depletions to air, water, soil, waste and/or energy is not only beneficial for the environment but also for your organization. We have track records of savings up € 50,000. • Environmental audits? With our practical solutions, based on ISO 19011 you will discover quickly the environmental impact of your processes.
• Environmental projects? Let us help you with the planning.
• Rules and Regulations? Based on our knowledge and experience we are able to provide you with the (local) rules and regulations, applicable to your processes in most European countries.
• Funding? Ask for our assistance to review applicable funding available.
• Hazardous substances? We are familiar with the rules and regulations for storage and protection and are experienced planners for storage facilities. You will save time and money.

Employee secondment You can also contact us for the maintenance of your VCA system or for MVK or HVK support. On this page you will find more information about employee secondment.

Training Throughout the year we provide trainings, like VCA training or OSHAS 18001 Basics. Based on many years of experience, these courses are not only theoretical, but also contain many examples of good practice, as they are delivered by highly educated and knowledgeable trainers.

Own tools KMO Consult has developed various software tools that enhance the information gathering process significantly. These tools ensure our consultancy is delivered cost-effective!

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