Hazardous substances – know what you are doing


To ensure all internal and external stakeholder of your company are satisfied, external safety is a key issue to be taken in consideration. Processing, storage and transportation of hazardous substances is bound to many rules and.

Considering the serious consequences of the use and storage of hazardous substances , there are many additional requirements. For European countries the Seveso II Directive is the baseline, that if applicable could require aualitative Risk Analysis (QRA) may prevent rehabilitation of a company or demolition of houses in the surroundings of the company. At present Seveso II is aligned with GHS and will come effective in 2015 as Seveso III.

Furthermore the ATEX directive is relevant for companies, to determine the explosive atmosphere(s)/distances. This regulation is already applicable for companies with battery chargers or powder coat installation!

Consultancy Interested if the ATEX directive is relevant for your organization? Need for expertise in the field of regulations and certification of sprinkler systems and vaults? We are familiar with the rules and regulations for storage and have experience in planning your storage facilities. You will save time and money.

KMO consult has years of experience with laws and regulation concerning external safety. By linking the regulation to your internal processes we bring your external safety to a higher level.

Employee secondment If you are looking for a (temporary) QHSE-coordinator or an interim manager you can contact us for employee secondment. Ask us about the possibilities.

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