Your employees are your capital


An OHSAS 18001 managementsystem or a Tick-IT/VCA Certificate only applicable for construction companies? Your employees are your capital, you are responsible to provide them with a safe and healthy working environment.

Within the European union many (unnecessary) regulations have disappeared providing companies the the possibility to introduce health and safety policies suitable for your organization and type of industry.

KMO Consult supports you in a professional way in the design, implementation, and maintenance of your Occupational Health and Safety management system.

Consultancy KMO consult has many years of experience with Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations. We have developed many services in the matter, such as:

A risk assessment and evaluation (RIE) , which is mandatory since 1994 for every organization with employees. Our method will provide you with a practical plan with a list of improvements. Providing you a good start to improve your Occupational Health and Safety management system.

VCA certified organization have to organize at least 10 toolboxmeetings a year. These regular meetings on safety issues and regulations or accidents support your employees to continue to work Safe. Our toolbox service helps you safe precious time, as we deliver topics aligned with hazards, safety regulation(s) and standards, precautions and PPE to wear, that can be, but not necessary need to, made suitable to your organization.

Employee secondment You can also contact us for the maintenance of your VCA system or for MVK or HVK support. On this page you will find more information about employee secondment.

Training Throughout the year we provide trainings, like VCA training or OSHAS 18001 Basics. Based on many years of experience, these courses are not only theoretical, but also contain many examples of good practice, as they are delivered by highly educated and knowledgeable trainers.

Own tools KMO Consult has developed various software tools that enhance the information gathering process significantly. These tools ensure our consultancy is delivered cost-effective!

Funding KMO Consult supports you with your funding requests. We review your projects in order to find subsidies out what funding may apply. We offer this consultancy based on ‘no cure, no pay’.

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