Training our experience, your benefit


KMO Consult has years of experience in providing training in the area of quality, environment and occupational health and safety. We are glad to share this experience with you through our national training program. Our national and international experiences with the implementation of management systems can be transmitted directly to your employees. Our trainings are pragmatic and embedded with practical examples.

Most of our trainings are standardized, however we always try to include as much as cases from your organization as possible. In these cases we adapt the standard training with your help in order to make the best connection possible between theory and practice.

SubsidiesThe trainings of KMO Consult are recognized by many organizations, like the Oom Foundation. This means that you can apply for several subsidies. On this page you will find more information on this topic.

For the developer or user of innovative products in the field of environment and occupational health and safety, funding is available. We can review whether your process or product will be supported, enabling you to make decisions on the commercial, organizational impact and that of your clients.

Interested? Are you interested in one of our services or do you have any questions? Please contact us at 074-291 93 93, we can immediately tell you more. You can also use our contact form for your request or for more information.